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Military and Commercial Numbers

Mil-Spec Commercial
MIL-C-5015 MS3100 - MS3108
MIL-C-5015 G MS3400 - MS3459
MIL-C-22520 M22520
MIL-C-24308/01 - /26 M24308
MIL-C-26482/ SER I MS3110 - MS3128
MIL-C-26482/ SER II MS3470 - MS3476
MIL-C-26500 MS24264 - MS24266
MIL-C-28840 M28840
MIL-C-38999/ SER I MS27466 - MS27656
MIL-C 38999/ SER II MS27472 - MS27475
MIL-C-38999/ SER III D38999/20 - D38999/26
MIL-C-39012 M39012
MIL-C-39029 M39029/01 - M39029/107
MIL-C-5015 MS3100 - MS3108
MIL-C-5015G MS3400 - MS3459
MIL-C-55116 MC183S - U229
MIL-C-55302 M55302
MIL-C-81511 M81511
MIL-C-81659 M81659
MIL-C-81659/ SER III M81659/29 - M81659/72
MIL-C-81659/ SER III M83723/71 - M83723/96
MIL-C-81714 M81714
MIL-I-81969 M81969
MIL-C-83723/SER I M83723/01 - 14
MIL-C-83723/SER II M83723/17 - 24
MIL-C-83723/SER III M83723/71 - 90
MIL-C-83733 M83733
MIL-C-85049 M85049/01 - M85049/74
MIL-C-85528 M85528/01 - M85528/03
Product Types

AC Power Receptacles Plugs Shrouded Headers low profile
BNC Connectors Headers with friction lock
Centronic Connectors Machined Headers
RCA Jacks Shunts
Circular DIN Plugs & Jacks F Connectors
Mini DIN Plugs & Jacks Phone Jacks
FPC/FFC Connectors Power Connectors
DIP Component Carriers & plugs Recptacles
DSUB Connectors SCSI Connectors
Edge Card Connectors Telelphone Plugs Jacks
Headers Terminal Strips Blocks
Shrouded Headers with Latches IDC Connectors

Abbotec Kings
Adam Tech Kycon
ADI Leoco
Advanced Interconnections Malco
AEP Mark Eyelet
Aero Electric Matrix Microdot
Airborn Maxconn
AMP Mckenzie
Amphenol Methode
Andrew Midwest Microwave
Appleton Millmax
Aries Molex
Augat Narda
Automatic NICO
AVA Omni-Spectra (Americon)
Aviel Packard Hughes
Bendix (Dage) Panduit
Berg PCD
Burndy PCI
Cablewave Plessey
Cambion Positronic
CDI Power Connector
CDIM Precicontact
Cinch Pyle-Nati Microwave
Circuit Assembly R> Wire-Pro
Continental Radial
DDK Raychem
Delta RMS
Deutsch Robinson Nugent
ECAM Samtec
EDAC Sealectro
Elco Simmonds
EM Singatron
EMC Socapex
FCI Framatome Connectors Socket Express
Flight Solitron
Foxconn Souriau
Framatome Specialty
Fujitsu Spectrastrip
FXR Stewart
G & H Technology Sullins
Garry Sunbank
General Connector Switchcraft
General Radio TED
General Rf Texas Instruments
Gilbert Textronics
Glenair Thomas & Betts
Gremar THOR
Hirose TI
Holmberg Times Wire & Cable
Honeywell Tri Star Electronics
Hughes Trompeter
Hypertronics TRU
Ideal TRW
LEH U.S. Components
LPC Unistar
LPI United Microwave
ITT Viking
JAE Virginia Plastics
Johnson Welcon
Joslyn Winchester
JST Wire-Pro
J-Tech Yamaichi