The PT Punchdown Tool is an excellent addition to any datacom or telecom installers arsenal Terminate efficiently and precisely every time The PT Punchdown Tool combines the classic punchdown tool design with essential extras to create a competitively priced high quality solution Whether using 110 66 630 Krone or BIX style cross connectors the PT punchdown tool covers all the bases and ensures installs are streamlined and effective every time Terminate and cut Cat355e6 cables Spring loaded for fast low effort wire seating and termination Bayonet style twist lock blade retention socket is compatible with industry standard tools and blades 110 66 630 Krone and BIX style interchangeable blades Built-in hook - feeds or removes wire Built-in spudger - for screwdriver IDC insert tool or to clean debris Adjustable Hi-Lo force impact settings are precisely controlled to meet the industry standard 8762D spec Large blade storage compartment

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