The next generation in our 10Gig Termination System combines two crimpers into a single tool making 2-step crimping simple First insert the 10Gig connector into the front end to terminate the contacts and switch to the back end to crimp the external ground Like the original the new Tele-TitanXg 20 along with our 10Gig shielded connectors are engineered specifically for CAT6A cables to provide true 10Gig performance each and every time One tool does the job of two tools Improve efficiencies by not having to change out tools in the middle of your termination Straight action crimp achieved with minimal hand force Compact and rugged design Terminates to industry specified crimp heights Gun-style lock for secure closure Non-slip handle and finger grooves for comfortable grip and control Not to be used with EZ-RJ45 or standard RJ45 modular plugs

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Tele-TitanXg 20 CAT6A10Gig Crimp Tool - Platinum Tools Tele-TitanXg CAT6A10Gig Crimp Tool - Platinum Tools