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Electronic Expediters, Inc. is committed to assuring customers and prospective buyers that quality is
priority. This includes: proper handling of materials, safe packaging, good product condition, and the
deterrence of counterfeit parts. It is imperative that our customers maintain confidence when purchasing
with Electronic Expediters. These practices have made us successful for over 50 years.

Electronic Expediters is a reputable and trusted independent distributor of electronic components. Many
companies and agencies rely on Electronic Expediters to provide them with difficult-to-find or obsolete
parts. Over the years, we have obtained surplus inventory from various trusted companies with a devotion
to quality, much like ours. This has been the primary driving force of our business, which continues to
encourage growth and creates more opportunities for us.

Recently, we have begun partnering with manufacturers to expand our inventory as an authorized factory
line distributor. The benefit to this is the ability to offer you certificates of compliance for traceability back
to the factory.

Our method of processing, identifying, and warehousing surplus inventory is taken with extreme care for
all components. Many components remain untouched and sealed in their original factory packaging,
otherwise, we make sure to properly secure parts with the right kind of packaging, all-the-while
maintaining an anti-static environment that is ISO compliant.

We have avoided counterfeits, by maintaining our business model and selectively purchasing from other
reputable sources that have been in the industry as long as Electronic Expediters, Inc.

Our sales and warehouse teams have unrivaled years of experience. The customer is always informed about
what they are receiving as we coordinate on the condition and status of orders.

Call us today to find out how we can meet your electronic component needs; as both an independent and
factory authorized distributor.